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Reduce Client Costs With Software Tools

Whether you’re a doctor, a health insurance company, or a patient, there are some things you can do to help reduce your client’s costs. You can use software tools to help you coach your patients and make sure they understand their conditions. You can also use software to look up drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions.

Software functions that look up drug-drug interactions or drug-allergy interactions

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company or a healthcare professional, implementing software functions that look up drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions can help to reduce client costs. These products are available in both API and downloadable formats and can be integrated with point of care information systems or EHR. In addition, these tools may also help to improve drug candidates and treatment protocols. These functions can be found on a variety of software platforms and are also available on PEPID, a leading provider of clinical decision support technologies. These software programs can provide an extensive list of unwanted interactions, ranked by severity.

For drug-allergy interactions, there are two checkers on PEPID’s platform. The first is a database checker that can be searched by ingredient identifiers and product identifiers. The second is a drug-allergy checker that alerts users of potential sensitivities and adverse events.