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PowerPatent. The lifesaver for
patent prosecutors.

PowerPatent makes repetitive work easy so you can have a
life and still concentrate on what's important: building
strategic patents for clients.

Patent Prosecution Software that
streamlines each step of the process

  • 1
    Invention Disclosure Capture
  • 2
    Flowchart & Drawing Management
  • 3
    Graphical Claim Drafting
  • 4
    Computer Aided Description Drafting
  • 5
    Diagnostics to catch §112 and claim issue
  • 6
    Inventor / Client Collaboration
  • 7
    Private PAIR Integration

PowerPatent Is A Major Time Saver

Multitasking in patent work and client development can feel like you are treading water.

PowerPatent automates repetitive and non-billable tasks so that you can concentrate on 112 compliance and claim strategy, and still have time outside of work!

Multitasking in patent work and business development can make it feel like you are treading water.

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