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IP. Simplified.

PowerPatent helps companies manage patent and IP creation, filing, issuance, maintenance, licensing, and monetization.

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Streamline how you manage IP from founding to IPOProvisional/Utility Applications Trademark Applications



Manage IP with your clients Built-in diagnostic checks, private PAIR docketing, predictive analytics & discounts for your clients



Modernize your invention management, enforcement, and monetization Invention disclosure admin, valuations, docketing, predictive analytics & portfolio insights


One platform, everything you need to create & manage IP assets

Build Your IP Fast

First-To-File Protection in Days, Not Months better

Check Quality with Diagnostics

Enhance Quality and Consistency with our Tools

Collaborate with Team & Lawyers

Tap into your team & lawyer’s wisdom to build IP

Increase Value with IP

Show your investors your IP portfolio and get a valuation bump for them.

Focus on Growing Your Startup

Avoid the Steep Learning curve of the IP system. You have bigger fish to fry.

Reduce Your Burn Rate

Reduce Your Burn Rate. Protect IP Cost-Effectively with High Quality. You win!


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