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PowerPatent has earned the trust and recognition of the patent law community. Many law firms, corporations, and inventors rely on PowerPatent for their patent drafting needs, and the platform has garnered positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied users. PowerPatent's track record of delivering excellent results and its commitment to customer satisfaction solidify its position as a trusted and reputable provider of patent drafting solutions.

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Lifesaver For Patent Prosecutors

PowerPatent makes repetitive work easy so you can have a life and still concentrate on what's important: building strategic patents for clients

Patents are complex documents. They often contain many sections and parts that refer to each other. Because even minor inconsistencies can lead to costly litigation, patent application must be carefully drafted and it can take significant time and money for patent drafts to be drafted and reviewed prior to filling.

Traditionally, patent professionals have to balance between cost and the time they spend perfecting their patent drafts and avoid costly mistakes down the line.

PowerPatent's Generative AI drafting tool allows patent professionals to conduct thorough, efficient patent writing with cost-effective reviews of their patent applications and analyze them in minutes. In contrast to other AI tools that generate all text based on the claims…


Patent Prosecution Software that streamlines each step of the process


Invention Disclosure Capture


Flowchart & Drawing Management


Graphical Claim Drafting


Computer Aided Description Drafting


Diagnostics to catch §112 and claim issue


Inventor / Client Collaboration


Private PAIR Integration


Background And Summary
Of The Invention

PowerPatent can autogenerate a draft background for your review based on the title of the invention.

The user enters a summary of the invention highlighting the novelty and inventiveness of the invention.

A preliminary set of claims can be automatically drafted for user review.

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You know your IP. We know first patent drafting with GenAI.

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One platform, everything you need to create & manage IP assets


Increase Billable Efficiency

Work less and earn more Using Tech that increases Productivity


Build Your IP Fast

First-To-File Protection in Days, Not Months better


Check Quality with Diagnostics

Create great patents and still have time with family or personal projects


Rebalance Workload

First-To-File Protection in Days, Not Months better


Collaborate with Team & Lawyers

Tap into your team & lawyer's wisdom to build IP


Save Clients Money

Clients win with First to File speed and Efficiency Savings from Improved Collaboration



International Patent Filing Strategies

Effective international patent filing strategies necessitate a nuanced and comprehensive approach to safeguard intellectual property on a global scale.

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Key Differences Between Common Law and Civil Law Systems

The fundamental disparities between Common Law and Civil Law systems stem from their historical roots, sources of law, and procedural mechanisms.

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Comparison of Patent Laws Across Different Jurisdictions

The nuances of patent laws diverge significantly across key jurisdictions, reflecting the intricate interplay of legal traditions, economic philosophies, and cultural idiosyncrasies.

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