Welcome to PowerPatent, the fastest way to a complete first draft patent application.


The 3 approaches to using PowerPatent to create first draft patent applications include 1) the traditional approach, 2) claims first approach and 3) invention disclosure approach.

Start Traditional Flow

This flow is the traditional way of drafting patent applications by providing the Title, Background, and Summary of the invention.

Autogen Background

How to automatically generate the Background section from the Title


How to add Summary of the Invention


How to autogenerate the advantages of the invention


How to autogenerate the Abstract from the Summary section

Claim Editing

How to edit claims assisted with Section 112 checking

Claims As Input

How to enter claims, visualize them, and do drag-and-drop edit of claims

Spec from Claims

How to generate detailed description text from claims

Figures or Flowcharts

How to generate flowcharts or upload drawings

Description For Drawings

How to generate description text from drawing part list/annotations


How to use chatbot to add extra text to the application


Section 112 Diagnostics for patent applications

Novelty Search

Interactive search based on claims

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