Prescription & OTC Drugs

Powerpatent assists drug companies in developing robust patent portfolios that can be defended and create significant shareholder value throughout the lifecycle of a drug. This includes patents that protect fundamental, breakthrough inventions, as well as follow-up patents that support product manufacturing, methods for use, FDA approved labeling.

Strong patent protection is essential in today’s highly competitive marketplace to bring pharmaceuticals to market. We are sensitive to the risks and challenges clients face. This is why we provide high-value counseling. Execution is the most important aspect of a strategy. We are skilled in identifying patentable inventions that may be overlooked as a new chemical entity goes through the development process.

We represent institutions that are involved in the development:

  • New chemical entities
  • New methods of chemical synthesis
  • Drug design platforms
  • Drug assays and screening
  • Formulations
  • New therapies
  • In vivo diagnostics
  • Contrast agents and medical imaging

Many times, technology commercialization in pharmaceutical industries requires the use of multiple technical disciplines. Our highly experienced ethical drug team also covers related technical areas such as:

  • Medical devices
  • Computer-aided drug discovery
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biodefense

We offer advice regarding licensing, collaboration, and commercializing innovative ideas. We also conduct intellectual property due diligence in support of those licensing and investing in promising technologies.