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Patent AnalyzerTM, a free tool developed by patent attorneys for patent attorneys, aids in checking patents for internal consistency and tailoring patent applications concisely. By streamlining patent analysis and serving as a quality control check during drafting, this software empowers legal professionals to work more efficiently and mitigate legal risks in patent prosecution and litigation.

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Benefits of Using Patent Analyzer


Consistency and accuracy check

PatentAnalyzer can be used to verify the consistency and accuracy of your patent draft in terms of claims, literature, and terminology.


Analysis of publications or patents

Analyze public patent text documents to determine if your application is comparable to other patent applications.


Citation source search

You can search directly for patents and publications in your space and then analyze one or more of the patents/publications.


Research and comparison of claim components

Comparing claim components, terminology, and wording in multiple documents in patents or your document.


Wording and Terminology Check

A list of cases should be compiled that includes references to and interpretations of key terms and formulas within your patent document. PatentAnalyzer can find and report terminology using the user's dictionary.


How Patent Analyzer works

We provide insight and analysis to assist our users in making informed decisions. Our machine learning (ML) stack allows us to build precise custom entity recognition models and extract insights from legal documents such as patent documents. We are constantly looking for new ways to apply natural language processing to improve our patent analytics.

Please note that while Patent Analyzer provides valuable analysis, it is not a substitute for legal advice. Consultation with a qualified patent attorney is recommended for specific legal matters related to patents and intellectual property.

Disclaimer: The information provided by Patent Analyzer is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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