Amongst the many famous people, there are also some with curious patents. These people have been awarded these rights for their inventions and designs. They include some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Steve McQueen, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Lawrence Welk, and Yoshiro Nakamatsu.

Tom Brady

Several famous people have been awarded patents. Some of them are not as well known for their inventiveness. Tom Brady is an example.

Having an augmented reality game is one of the many ways that Tom has gotten his name out there. He has filed patents and trademarks that are not as well known as his football exploits. Among the many notable inventions are the TB12 logo, a health and wellness company and a clothing line. He is also the co-founder of a digital collectibles website and agency.

According to his patent lawyer, Tom has applied for over 100 different trademarks. His trademark applications were added to the principal register in 2021. These trademarks include everything from his signature, to his catchphrases. The “TB12” trademark is the most interesting. It is owned by his management firm, TEB Capital Management, Inc., and is listed in the Trademark Electronic Search System.

Tom has also filed for a handful of other novelty items. The patents and trademarks mentioned above are a good starting point for a more detailed investigation.

The Google Patent Search feature allows you to search through seven million US patents from 1790 to mid-1996. You can search by category or by specific keywords. You can use the feature to look for a single ‘big one’, or a slew of smaller ones.

Taylor Swift

During a period when Taylor Swift was fighting back against Kanye West for allegedly copying the lyrics of their song “Shake It Off”, her lawyers began pursuing legal action. The case went to court in 2018. Eventually, the judge dismissed the suit, but the lawsuit was sent back to the courtroom in 2021.

It isn’t uncommon for a celebrity to file a trademark for a phrase that they have written. Paris Hilton, for instance, trademarked the phrase ‘I die’. Other famous people have also filed for trademark for other phrases.

As the creative industries have changed, so has the need to protect intellectual property. Artists are now looking for alternative ways to protect their IP. For example, in the past year, Taylor Swift has filed more than 30 trademark applications in her name with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This includes phrases from her music and her fashion portfolio.

These trademark applications cover hair accessories, cosmetics, clothing, and entertainment services. If these applications are accepted, Swift will have the opportunity to dictate the terms of these marks. As for the potential litigation, Swift’s team has always been aggressive. If a competitor attempts to infringe trademarks, the lawyers can lock them out.

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Steve McQueen

During the past decade we have seen an explosion of famous people in the public eye. From the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lopez, to the lesser known (but nonetheless not forgotten) likes of Chris Brown and Chris Evans, the list is a long one. So, is it any wonder that some of them have their own patents? The truth is that a lot of these famous people are more than their share of the patent pie. In the name of disclosure, I am not a patent attorney. However, I have had my fair share of interesting conversations.

I have not yet had the honor of sitting down with Beyonce or Rihanna to discuss their newfound wealth, but I have been fortunate enough to have had a brief exchange with Jennifer Lopez and have had some nefarious dealings with Chris Brown and the like. I’ve also had a good number of interesting discussions with Chris Evans. This has not only been an interesting experience but it has also helped me improve my writing skills.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu

Among the famous people and their curious patents is the inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu. He claims to have invented the floppy disk. His invention was approved by the Japanese government in 1952.

Nakamatsu’s floppy disk invention was also licensed to IBM in 1979. But the company disputes his claim.

Some people believe that the inventor signed a non-disclosure contract with IBM. However, the details of the agreement are confidential.

Nakamatsu has been on numerous TV shows. He is a guest speaker at the International Invention Symposium. He was in Hong Kong last weekend. His appearance was part of a mini-documentary produced by the Great Big Story YouTube channel. His Invention Library contains thousands of pages of notes and photos.

The inventor has been building gadgets ever since. Some of his inventions include an underwater pencil, an Air Conditioner that can fit in a pocket, a “Love Jet” that is powered by fuel cells, and jump-shoes that allow the wearer to run faster.

He is currently a resident of a high-rise he designed himself. He has an elevator in his home. His home is located in the central Tokyo area.

The inventor has been in numerous talk shows to demonstrate his inventions. He has been a featured guest at the World Genius Convention.


Jamie Hyneman

Throughout history, there have been many interesting inventions. These include devices that are based on primary occupations of inventors, as well as items that are designed for non-primary uses. While some of these are very simple, many are quite complex.

One of the most popular of these inventions was patented by Michael Jackson. His specially designed shoes allowed for an illusion of leaning over the center of gravity. They were also created for the 1988 music video Smooth Criminal.

Another popular invention was patented by Steven Spielberg. The patent allows users to insert verbal annotations into digital documents. He has also filed for a patent on a holodeck.

In the field of special effects, Jamie Hyneman has worked on dozens of films. He has also patented several devices, including a remote control device with gyroscopic stabilization.

He has also been an animal wrangler, a dive master, a cook, a wilderness survival expert, and a machinist. He is also an accomplished speaker, with a speaking engagement at the Pacific Design & Manufacturing conference in February. He is available for public speaking, corporate events, and fundraisers.

He is also the head of M5, a company that produces movie and TV special effects. His inventions have been seen in movies and television commercials, including the Nike Roller-shoe.

Lawrence Welk

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Among the famous people and their curious patents was Lawrence Welk. He was a singer and bandleader, a polka band leader, and a musical satirist. He died on May 17, 1992 at the age of 89. His show, The Lawrence Welk Show, was on television for 31 years. It was the longest-running television show in history.

The show, which was produced by a company called Lawrence Welk Productions, became one of the biggest draws for tourists in Los Angeles. Lawrence Welk was the second richest performer in show business. In 1971, Welk wrote a biography, Wunnerful! Wunnerful!, which became a best-seller.

In the early years of his career, Lawrence Welk played the accordion at weddings and barn dances. He was introduced to the instrument by his father, who was a blacksmith and farmer. He bought a mail-order accordion when he was a young boy, but he soon wore it out.

After leaving home at age 21, Lawrence Welk moved to Los Angeles. He formed a band and was a member of the Hotsy-Totsy Boys. The band performed in hotels and at radio stations throughout the country.

In 1951, Lawrence Welk’s band won an engagement at the Aragon Ballroom in the Ocean Park pier. It became the second-largest tourist attraction in Los Angeles.