Whether you’re a business owner looking for all-in-one business patent documents or a lawyer looking for all-in-one business patents, there are a number of online tools that can help you find the information you need. These tools include WIPO’s Advanced Patent Search, TotalPatent One, and ActionablePatents.

WIPO’s Advanced Patent Search


Using the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Advanced Patent Search tools for finding all-in-the-family related patent documents can be a very useful research tool. These tools cover patents and trademarks from countries worldwide. In addition to generating accurate results, these tools provide extensive coverage information. These databases are free to use and provide information on patents issued by different nations.

PatBase is an online patent database that includes a full text display. It also allows users to search for patents through various search functions. The database includes 88 million patent publications and 46 million consolidated patent families. The database supports both English and non-Latin full text searches. It also has a thesaurus query builder. It features easy search syntax and lets users save and edit their history.

Google Patents is a patent search tool that combines visualizations, sequence data, and patent data. It is an excellent tool for a wide range of users, including engineers, scientists, and innovators. It also combines patent data, citations, and sequence data. It is available in both English and French. It has a Boolean search, which can allow users to find multiple keywords in one document.

TotalPatent One is an extremely comprehensive database that provides access to the most comprehensive patent collection in the world. The database contains data from more than 100 patent offices. The database offers full text search for patents and patent applications, a semantic search, and an alert function that tracks changes in legal status. The alert function also includes information about prior art, pending depositions, and competitor patent applications.

TotalPatent One

Whether you’re looking for patents for yourself or your company, TotalPatent One is a tool that gives you access to the world’s largest collection of patent databases. It includes full-text documents, searchable bibliographic information, a comprehensive archive of images, and links to other relevant sources. It also has advanced search tools, which can help you find patents faster.

The TotalPatent One database is continually updated. You can search for original intellectual property rights in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese. It’s a single page web application that minimizes loading times. It’s easy to use and provides advanced features to make it easier to conduct a thorough search.

The alert function keeps you up-to-date with changes in legal status and prior art. You can also receive updates about pending depositions and competitor patent applications. The system is designed for a variety of target groups, including scientists, researchers, and strategists.

The advanced search function allows users to search by keyword, concept, citation, and other fields. You can use operators and wildcards to obtain highly precise results. Moreover, it allows you to export your search results to Microsoft Word and Excel. You can even save your history.

The smart search feature lets you enter up to 10 searchable bibliographic data. It also uses AI Thesaurus to find context-related terms. The results can be saved as a file, or exported in HTML and Word.

Google Patents

Using a patent search tool will give you access to the documents that you need. In addition, it may help you to save money on unnecessary patent applications.

Google Patents is a great way to find documents that are relevant to your project. The search engine’s database is based on the patents of the world’s top patent offices. It can also translate foreign patents better than any commercial database.

The search tools are easy to navigate and include an advanced search. There are also links to non-patent literature, including a prior art archive and Google Scholar. These links can be filtered by patent status, language and technology.

The “Patent Family Tree Generator” can provide valuable insight into a particular patent. You can view information about related patents, including the assignee. You can also perform a patent analysis by selecting a particular technology from the drop-down menu.

There are also more advanced features, such as the stem feature. This searches for terms that begin with your chosen keyword. You can also perform Boolean search.

You can also search for related patents. There are over 10 million patents in the system. You can also use the “Arrangements for storing…” link to narrow your search.

The “best results” page provides links to the best results for your search. There are also more detailed documents available by hovering over a drawing. The ctrl+f feature is not available for Google Patents.

WIPS Global Advanced

Unlike most other search tools, WIPS Global ADVANCED is an integrated patent search engine that provides a variety of search features. It also offers new display options and smart analysis tools. Among the new features is the SmartAngle in-system analysis tool.

The system offers four different search forms: Easy View, Step Search, Citation Search, and Company Search. These forms allow users to search for patents by keyword, technology, and company. There are also options to filter and download search results. Moreover, users can set alerts for specific information.

Another new feature is the Patent Folder, which allows users to manage saved patent literature and flagged documents. This is a handy feature for users who want to keep track of their search queries and results. They can save a query or an entire folder. They can also flag a document for future use. This way, they can find it more easily.

WIPS is a Korean-based global patent search engine that provides a complete patent analysis service. This includes information such as patent classification information, formulas, and chemical compounds. WIPS Global also offers a monitoring service, which notifies users of newly registered patents. These services are designed to help practitioners perform their jobs effectively.

The company is based in Singapore, Australia, and Korea. It serves various industries, including physics, electronics, consumer goods, and the technology sector. It offers an extensive patent database, which includes 46 million consolidated patent families.



Using the appropriate search tools is a great way to get the most comprehensive results. Aside from a good old-fashioned Google search, there are a number of resources you may not have considered. In fact, many of the more comprehensive patent search tools are free to use.

Most patent search tools focus on the United States. However, there are a number of free and fee-based resources for finding patents pertaining to other countries. The United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a great source of information on patents and trademarks worldwide.

The USPTO has a multitude of search tools for searching through its collection of more than 100 million patent documents. These include the Patent and Trademark Depository Library and Public Search Facility. They also offer full page images of patents from 1790 to the present. They are a great resource for lawyers and non-legal professionals who have to wade through a sea of legalese. The best part is that the USPTO’s staff is seasoned experts in patent and trademark law.

Aside from a number of patent databases, there are several other nifty patent search tools aplenty. While they may not be as comprehensive as the databases mentioned above, they are just as useful. The most notable of these is the InnovationQ platform. Using this software, companies can engage in collaborative IP research and analysis. In addition to the more mundane patent search tasks, they can share knowledge and expertise with other stakeholders, thereby increasing productivity and improving overall business performance.


Several tools have emerged to make searching for patents easier and faster. These tools include PatentPleeze, Patentcloud, and Patsnap. Some of these tools provide advanced search features and analysis capabilities. These are great options for users looking to analyze the patent landscape in a comprehensive manner.

Patsnap Pte Ltd provides a comprehensive global patent database. This site has over 90 million patents, including US and EU patents. The patents are also available in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

The patent database has over 15+ full text collections and 95+ bibliographic collections. It also has an integrated legal status and license agreements.

Its patent analysis features include semantic similarity matching, related art timelines, and cover page drawings. It also has a search history panel, which automatically saves your search sessions. You can also export and download documents. You can also set up alerts for new patent events.

The information you find on a patent can be saved into a report. You can also search for patents by year, topic, or IPC code. The search results can be emailed to anyone. Its highlighter feature allows you to easily highlight certain keywords in a document. You can also set up citation alerts for saved patents.

Its user interface is easy to understand and manage. It includes a search bar and a text box that shows the progress of your query. You can choose whether to limit your search to only US or global patents. It also supports wildcards in the middle of words.