Medical Device Patents

Invention for Implantable medical device
Invention for Medical apparatus for testing medical conditions, including Zika and pregnancy
Invention for Medical instruments with contact assessment features
Invention for Controlled deployable medical devices and methods of making them
Invention for Inflatable medical devices
Invention for Medical device assembly
Invention for Multi-modal medical image processing
Invention for Methods for performing submucosal surgical procedures
Invention for Facilitating the integrity of telemetry connections between a medical instrument and a remote unit
Invention for The invention relates to a wireless charging system for a battery in a medical device.
Invention for Control systems and methods for Blood or Fluid Handling Medical Devices
Invention for Distal connector assembly for medical lead extension
Invention for Medical device communication method
Invention for Atrial arrhythmia episode detection in a cardiac medical device
Invention for Inflatable medical devices
Invention for Instrument-mounted tension sensing device for robotically-driven medical tools
Invention for Dose estimation system designed to support multiple computerized imaging scan providers
Invention for Methods, systems and methods for automatically identifying detection parameters of an implantable medical device.
Invention for Apparatus for monitoring, supporting and/or installing intraosseous devices
Patent for Carbon nanotubes that are highly conductive that has bundle moieties, with low bulk density and its manufacturing method