This tab documents the problem and the inventive solution thereto. It also locates and displays issued patents or applications so that the user can see how others have described similar technology.

Generate Application Tab

Like a grammar checker, this tab diagnoses the provisional application and checks for common mistakes such as misnumbering and inconsistent word usage. The user can then generate a ready-to-file PDF document or a Word document for subsequent editing.

File Your Application Page

Be the first-inventor-to-file! This tab enables you to electronically file the application or print/file using express mail process.


Those skilled-in-the-art should know how to make and use the invention based on the description. This tab documents how the invention operates through drawings and descriptions thereof. The user can label the drawing with reference numbers that are described in the description.

Claims Page

Patent claims are formulated according to a set of precise syntactic, lexical and stylistic guidelines. Our graphical sketching tool enables inventors to compose patent claims using knowledge from the description and the user sketch. The result is a draft that can be automatically be incorporated into multiple claim sets suitable for reviewing with a patent professional.

Inventor And ADS Page

Celebrating your ingenuity, this tab captures inventor information and creates application data sheet (ADS) for filing the utility patent application.

Pricing Plans

Find a plan that's right for you



BASIC ($299)

PRO ($499)

  • Show issued patents as examples
  • Figures Handling
  • 1 5 Unlimited
  • Add Reference Numbers to Figures
  • Use camera to generate Figures
  • Renders Ready to File PDF
  • Export to Word for Additional Editing
  • Import Figures from PowerPoint, Visio
  • Generate Claims
  • 20 Unlimited
  • Detailed Drafting Diagnostics
  • Lawyer Review/File (Extra $1,999 + PTO Fees)

    What people are saying about PowerPatent...

    "Fantastic application! ProvisionalBuilder® really does help with the patent application process, and has streamlined the whole process. Thank you very much for the opportunity to use your wonderful product! "

    Boyd Bowdish, PhD
    President of a design, engineering, and technical consulting firm serving Fortune 100, mid-size, and startup companies
    "This is what i needed, PowerPatent gives me the best they have. Awesome ..."

    Michael Palladino
    Founder and Owner of a product development company, Basic Innovations Group, LLC, Newport Beach, CA
    “ProvisionalBuilder® offers intuitive usability to the novice inventor, while the documentation and help videos do a great job explaining the provisional patenting process. We’re proud to have helped guide its entry into the inventor community and know first-time patent filers will find it to be a useful and valuable tool.”

    Mark Reyland
    Executive Director, United Inventors Association of America (UIA)
    “The ProvisionalBuilder® software ran very smoothly. I was impressed with how quickly the images loaded. ProvisionalBuilder® immediately pulled up similar patents, and has an intuitive box and arrow capability for marking descriptions. Nice work on the diagnostic tool, which allows one to preview a document before it is sent to be filed. And, I appreciate how often the auto save function saves my work.”

    Chris Howen
    MBA Candidate and Entrepreneur
    “The ProvisionalBuilder® software’s ability to quickly access patent databases and bring up a detailed patent is really helpful to me as an inventor.”

    Robin Faulkner
    Inventor and head of an inventors’ association
    “I used ProvisionalBuilder® to help me prepare the description section of a utility patent. I wish I had this software to file my earlier provisional patent. Unfortunately, I used one of your competitor’s software, which took me twice as long to produce an inferior provisional filing. Not only was ProvisionalBuilder® much better, but the support was easily accessible and far superior to what your competitor offered. I highly recommend ProvisionalBuilder® to anyone filing a patent.”

    Albert Coles
    Founder and CEO, medical R&D company
    “I started my journey with an idea that I wanted to develop. I had no idea how daunting it all was to follow through with my idea. Never in a million years would I have thought that I could write a patent. ProvisionalBuilder® changed all that and has saved me time and money. It is an easy program to navigate with clear and concise explanations and instructions. There aren’t enough superlatives to express how much I love your product. You have done a good thing in developing this program. There are a lot of scammers out there for easy, naive dreamers like myself, so it is nice to see the flip side of the coin (if only to restore one’s faith in humanity). I just want to say thank you for helping me along with my dream.”

    Cisco Emas
    Designer/Inventor of the Pyramid Meditation Shelter, Coquille, OR
    “I recently used ProvisionalBuilder® to file our system and method provisional patent application. It made the task of filing easy. The software helped break up the content into manageable, structured segments and provided helpful hints along the way. Its database of awarded patents made researching other patents a cinch. And, the ability to export the document into PDF and Word formats came in handy as I was able to send the document to my peers for review. I highly recommend this software – it is like having an attorney on staff!”

    Jay Singonahalli
    Co-Founder and CTO of a stealth Internet start-up, Redwood City, CA
    “Boy, was I wrong! Using ProvisionalBuilder® saves me a lot of time in preparing patent applications, and my applications are equal to or better in quality than the attorney’s version of my application. Even with a light review of the ProvisionalBuilder® final application by an attorney prior to submitting the application, and figuring in the modest cost of the ProvisionalBuilder software package, my all-in cost of preparing and submitting a provisional patent application is less than 10% of my cost going the patent attorney route.”

    Phi P. Nguyen, M.D.
    The founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley medical device company
    “The ProvisionalBuilder® user manual was very well reasoned and expert. The software appears to be well conceived and well executed. I am now completing several prototypes, and will use ProvisionalBuilder® to file patents for these. Since I am a Mac user, and since I believe that Mac OS users currently make up about half of all inventors around the world, I appreciate that ProvisionalBuilder® will run on the Mac as well as on Windows and other OS.”

    Stanley Marquiss
    Experienced Inventor holding multiple patents and Founder of a company that buys, licenses, and leases patents
    As one of the early users of ProvisionalBuilder®, I have had the opportunity to put it through its paces, and when I had to raise the bar, the developers were up to the challenge and did an excellent job. It’s not an obvious thing for a low cost application such as ProvisionalBuilder® to support huge files containing more than 100 pages and dozens of 300 DPI hi-res drawings, as my two provisional applications did. This feature is sometimes overlooked, however very important if someone would like to file internationally, meet their filing standards and use the provisional filing as the basis. This may save a lot of money redoing the drawings. And finally a word about support. Living 10 time-zones away, it’s not an easy task to get a reasonable support, however the PowerPatent team were up to this challenge as well, and gave me an excellent support either by email or via Skype. In summary, the cost-benefit ratio for this package surpassed my expectations. Well done!

    Doron Shalev
    Founder and CEO, Telecommunication startup company, Israel.


    ProvisionalBuilder® is a comprehensive patent application software solution aimed at facilitating patent creation and filing. It quickens the process of filing a provisional application for patents, produces advanced patent throughput and also delivers imperative cost savings for the applicants, ensuring they become the “first inventor to file” and establish IP ownership.
    Provisional Builder will have 3 modes of operation: Trial, Basic & Pro.


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