About PowerPatent

PowerPatent is a group of IP professionals and problem solvers that focuses on the three P’s People, Process, and Performance. Our team is passionate about crafting powerful solutions to streamline processes for our customers. Success has measured one application at a time when we exceed client expectations through our performance.

About Us

PowerPatent was created by patent professionals and legal industry veterans to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IP legal services and businesses. We are singularly focused on streamlining patent drafting workflow so our clients can focus on powerful strategies on ideation and making great patent claims.

What We Do

We are proud to be the only platform that can power a company or lawyers to service all phases of a client’s IP needs from conception to monetization. We improve efficiency by automating first draft applications and diagnostics of such applications.

Who are We?

Our entire team works hard to improve and power our platform and services with innovative solutions. This ensures that your business has the best possible customer experience.