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Patent for Modular robot and operation method of the same
Patent for RFID tags are able to monitor playing cards when they’re being played
Patent for The abdominal closure method and the device variations for closing ventral hernias and reducing the likelihood of recurrence
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Patent for Transmission of Sidelink control information from NR V2X
Patent for Methods and systems for managing devices on the network
Patent for Method of operating the terminal mission critical push to talk group participants in mission critical push to talk group call in off network
Patent for Method for confirming the the accuracy of geographical location for an address
Patent for User interface elements for the selection of media content in narrative presentation
Patent for Method and system to enable contextually aware detection of offensive speech in video
Patent for Virtual stereo camera with horizontal orientation
Patent for Method for image capture and electronic device
Patent for Methods and systems for adding one or more images to an input document
Patent for Spatio-temporal social network based mobile Kube-edge autoconfiguration
Patent for Blockchain’s leader rotation every two weeks that is fault-tolerant
Patent for Virtual credit in simulation settings
Patent for Virtual property rights are transferred to virtual properties
Patent for After an actual-world event, virtual property disposal
Patent for Virtual credit in virtual settings
Patent for Online simulations Control of recorded data
Patent for Payment options for virtual credit cards
Patent for Rights to reversion in virtual world
Patent for Following a real-world event virtual world property disposition
Patent for Management and the use of entitlements
Patent for Metadirectory information is a possibility and associated
Patent for Incremental non-chronological synchronization for namespaces
Patent for Value of attributes to be selected for entity objects
Patent for Preview mode
Patent for Rules customization and related methods
Patent for Multi-projector wireless multi-user presentations system