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Patent for Pictorial interaction allows for contextual autonomous vehicle support
Patent for Safe driving techniques for remotes and systems for safe driving.
Patent for Vehicle manipulation using cognitive state engineering
Patent for Autonomous vehicle user interface with predicted routes
Patent for User interface for autonomous vehicle with predicted trajectory
Patent for Systems and methods for fire security devices
Patent for Spread spectrum scheduling requests for wireless communication resource
Patent for Wireless control of remote devices by intention codes via an internet connection
Patent for Methods and systems for measuring anomalies in node behavior in an autonomous network. vehicles,
Patent for Processing of vacant properties
Patent for Methods and systems for digital wallet transaction payments
Patent for Determination method and determination device
Patent for Method for collecting road signs information using a the mobile mapping system
Patent for Object detection for distorted images
Patent for Training data generated from overhead views
Patent for Systems and methods to aggregate and distribute dynamic information of crowdsourcing vehicles to provide edge-assisted live maps
Patent for Method and system for predicting the behaviors of objects detected by the representation of their environment
Patent for Method and system for providing motorists with recommendations
Patent for Mechanical planer and layer are able to make 3-D printed models by using an electrostatic 3-D printer
Patent for Anchored brachytherapy device
Patent for Systems and methods to fabricate templates for dental use
Patent for Methods and systems for processing a gun barrel using an electrode that moves
Patent for End of sheathed tubing that includes leak detection and leak containment conditions
Patent for Deflecting member for making fibrous structures
Patent for Car doors energy absorber
Patent for Method and method of manufacturing an implant for the spine
Patent for Systems and methods for electroprocessing guns barrels using an electrode that moves
Patent for Connector for medical tubing breakaway
Patent for Electronic application for integrated circuits and related methods
Patent for Transformable accessory for a handheld digital device
Patent for Rope gripper
Patent for Piston cooling system
Patent for Apparatus, method and system to eliminate contaminants from liquids that are contaminated
Patent for System and method for forming an annulus by printing three-dimensionally
Patent for Implant with helical members supported
Patent for Odontoid bullet
Patent for System for and method of treating aneurysms
Patent for Flexible light fixtures
Patent for Methods and systems for determining the position of a controller relative to an HMD
Patent for Method and apparatus to manage the power of an electronic device using wake up period determinations that are based on DTIM period or beacon period
Patent for Deep-learning-based fault detection in building automation systems
Patent for Eye-tracking cameras monitor facial expressions
Patent for Gemstones’ fluorescence images on transparent stages
Patent for Intelligent monitoring structures are used to perform assays based on images.
Patent for Interactive diagnostics to assess the design of systems analysis to measure
Patent for Monitoring of air quality and method
Patent for Method and air conditioning system
Patent for Roof shingles that have self-seal strips that have been registered
Patent for Solar-powered water desalinator powered by solar power and method
Patent for Drone
Patent for Method and device used to generate signals for controlling the occupants of a vehicle
Patent for Information processing apparatus, storage device, and learning apparatus for storing model models
Patent for Modular robot and operation method of the same
Patent for RFID tags are able to monitor playing cards when they’re being played
Patent for The abdominal closure method and the device variations for closing ventral hernias and reducing the likelihood of recurrence
Patent for Toilet equipped with sensors for detecting the analytical consumable
Patent for Method of controlling power with the socket and an electronic device which supports the same
Patent for Transmission of Sidelink control information from NR V2X
Patent for Methods and systems for managing devices on the network
Patent for Method of operating the terminal mission critical push to talk group participants in mission critical push to talk group call in off network
Patent for Method for confirming the the accuracy of geographical location for an address
Patent for User interface elements for the selection of media content in narrative presentation
Patent for Method and system to enable contextually aware detection of offensive speech in video
Patent for Virtual stereo camera with horizontal orientation
Patent for Method for image capture and electronic device
Patent for Methods and systems for adding one or more images to an input document
Patent for Spatio-temporal social network based mobile Kube-edge autoconfiguration
Patent for Blockchain’s leader rotation every two weeks that is fault-tolerant
Patent for Virtual credit in simulation settings
Patent for Virtual property rights are transferred to virtual properties
Patent for After an actual-world event, virtual property disposal
Patent for Virtual credit in virtual settings
Patent for Online simulations Control of recorded data
Patent for Payment options for virtual credit cards
Patent for Rights to reversion in virtual world
Patent for Following a real-world event virtual world property disposition
Patent for Management and the use of entitlements
Patent for Metadirectory information is a possibility and associated
Patent for Incremental non-chronological synchronization for namespaces
Patent for Value of attributes to be selected for entity objects
Patent for Preview mode
Patent for Rules customization and related methods
Patent for Multi-projector wireless multi-user presentations system