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Patent for System that utilizes the same differential engine-controlled rotational power transmission device and system that utilizes it
Patent for Carbon nanotubes that are highly conductive that has bundle moieties, with low bulk density and its manufacturing method
Patent for A mixture of POE Octyl decyl Ether (squalane) is a way to enhance the absorption of transdermal.
Patent for The method for fabricating a Biosensor Chip as well as the Biosensor Chip made therefrom
Patent for Devices and methods for drug delivery
Patent for Method for manufacturing transparent, heat-resistant, gas barrier film
Patent for Leaching of valuable metals is a method that is highly efficient and valuable method of collection employing the leaching method
Patent for Copper foil for printed wiring boards
Patent for Composition of photosensitive resin and application of the identical
Patent for Heating element for sensor array
Patent for Temporary emergency access to arbitrary medical implanted device
Patent for Random access to the communication system
Patent for Multi-transmission time interval grants (TTI): Time domain resource allocation (TDRA).
Patent for Control signals are reliable.
Patent for Minimum scheduling delay signaling
Patent for Method and system for grant assignment
Patent for Method and apparatus for deprioritizing access to bands that are not licensed based on UE preference in wireless communications system
Patent for Method to process the hybrid playback of multi-type multimedia information, apparatus for playing and storage medium
Patent for Energy conversion material
Patent for Neuronal protection by cerium oxide nanoparticles
Patent for Thermoelectric nanocomposite as well as thermoelectric element.
Patent for High gain device
Patent for Method of post treating graphene, and method for manufacturing graphene by using the same
Patent for Zinc compound composition for zinc oxide film-making, production method for film made of zinc oxide.
Patent for The molded polypropylene article and the method of manufacturing it
Patent for Spark plug
Patent for Toner resin, toner using resin, developer made with toner. Image forming apparatus and method employing toner.
Patent for Modified hybrid infrared focal plane array architecture for large scaling
Patent for Production methods and silicon structure
Patent for Ink container
Patent for Methods to create stabilized metal nanoparticles
Patent for Laser apparatus capable of controlling an effect of photo-mechanical and method using the same
Patent for Hybrid electro magnet hydro kinetic high-pressure propulsion generator
Patent for For low temperature, flexible, printable antennas and electronic components process, the application of copper nanoparticles
Patent for Method for extracting critical dimension of semiconductor nanostructure
Patent for Liquid developer
Patent for Expansion joint system
Patent for Molded product made of polyester resin composition
Patent for Optic film
Patent for Method of making high thermal conductivity composite dielectric material
Patent for Methods and systems to stop movement of operational members
Patent for Transducer assembly for the generation of electric pulses
Patent for Tip gap control systems with active blade tips
Patent for Mount for motorized transducer with rotating.
Patent for Container lock controlled remotely, system and method
Patent for Power source system
Patent for Wireless doorsill plate, with the option of changing display and power-saving mechanism.
Patent for Hands-free charging system that makes use of an internal power source
Patent for Sharpener that has heating element
Patent for Three-dimensional (3D) printing of electro-active lenses
Patent for Cassette for securing fiber-optic ferrules and cables throughout the curing process
Patent for Methods and techniques to offer dynamic robotic control systems
Patent for Autoteach enclosure system
Patent for Diamond composite CMP pad conditioner
Patent for Sensor for neuro-chemicals that blocks the fouling of nano-electrodes
Patent for Electrostatic filter corner latch
Patent for Assembling packaging
Patent for Pressure control in positive pressure wound treatment systems
Patent for Devices designed to clean interiors
Patent for Systems and methods for using the combination of an input voice to cause the search application to hold off on inputs
Patent for Digital assistant in-call presenter
Patent for Electronic device and method to provide artificial intelligence services using pre-recorded conversation
Patent for Multi-microphone Speech Dialogue System to cover a variety of spatial zones
Patent for Text-based news articles from newsfeeds
Patent for Map for audio-based communication presentation
Patent for Display control device, and nontransitory computer-readable medium
Patent for Eclipse cursor to show mixed reality in mixed reality
Patent for Traffic control apparatus Traffic control system, traffic control apparatus, method for controlling traffic, and non-transitory computer recording medium
Patent for Contextual event awareness through risk analysis and notification delivery
Patent for Use distributed hearing system with traffic signals
Patent for The mapping and digitization of the public space through collaborative networks of mobile agents as well as cloud nodes
Patent for Security monitoring
Patent for Methodologies and systems to manage the premises
Patent for Method and apparatus to social distancing alarm system
Patent for Monitoring System Mount
Patent for Gaming terminal, programming, terminal system, and game management device
Patent for Refilling and processing of liquid bottles
Patent for GPS-located portable security device for mobile use
Patent for Lock
Patent for Methods and devices for verifying and broadcasting events
Patent for Media control of devices
Patent for Method, system, and computer program for performing outsourced computing that is distributed
Patent for Method and method to build an internet-of-things platform
Patent for Blockchain endorsement verification
Patent for Signature verification for a blockchain ledger
Patent for Blockchain technology
Patent for API request and response the balancing and control of blockchain
Patent for Context data update in a blockchain network
Patent for Managing queue distribution between critical datacenters and flexible centers
Patent for Flexible RGB matrix that retracts barriers to stanchion
Patent for Payment device that is self-service and control method thereof
Patent for Control method, information processing device management system, control method, and recording medium
Patent for Tokens for exercise
Patent for Secure element method for distributed electronic ledger
Patent for Method and system to facilitate payments between banks for cross-border cross-border transactions
Patent for Automated transactional offers using a browser extension
Patent for Method of awarding rewards based on consumption of contents and apparatus thereof
Patent for Systems and methods for counterfeit detection
Patent for Cargo transport using pallets
Patent for Multiple driving positions for vehicles