M Cubed Technologies, Inc. (Newton, CT)

A chemical-mechanical polishing/planarization pad conditioner body made from diamond-reinforced reaction bonded silicon carbide, with diamond particles protruding or “standing proud” of the rest of the surface, and uniformly distributed on the cutting surface. In one embodiment the diamond particles are approximately evenly distributed across the composite. However, in other embodiments, they are preferably located near the conditioning surface. The surfaces of the diamond particles can be designed to be at an equal elevation (i.e. the body of the conditioner may be engineered to be very flat). The body can be made with a disc or toroidal shape. Through the process of eroding Si/SiC in a preferred manner diamond particles, the diamond particles may protrude out of the conditioning substrate. The eroding can be done by electrical discharge machining or by lapping/polishing with the abrasive.

Modern electronic systems rely on tiny chips made in single crystal silicon substrates (Si). Then, a ball made of one crystal Si is grown. Then, the boule is cut into thin Si wafers that are now 300 mm in size and 450 mm in the future using diamond wire saws. At this stage this Si wafers are thick and rough. The next step is polishing these wafers until they attain a high degree of flatness (rim level global flatness) and finish along with a smaller size (