Sanofi (Paris, FR)

A packaging assembly consists of an enclosure that is designed to at least partially house several injection devices for delivering the drug and a light sensor that is configured to detect light that hits the packaging assembly, and a wireless communications module designed to establish a wireless link with at least one other device conditional on an amount of light that is detected by the light sensor exceeding a threshold light intensity.

Patients suffering chronic disease require regular medical treatment, e.g. according to a set schedule. Certain medications require refrigeration. They are typically stored in refrigerators or a refrigerator at home. The patient stores the medication in their refrigerator, and will administer the prescribed dose when necessary. The second packaging is typically used to store the medication at home. The medication should be stored together with other things that need constant refrigeration, like food items and beverages.

In accordance with the dosage of the medication, the secondary packaging containing the medication could store the original packed medication or it could store several different types of delivery devices for drugs. The medication may be delivered in pre-filled syringes or pen-type injectors.

Pre-determined dosing regimens for medications could require that the dosage be administered at lengthy intervals. For example, once a month or every 2 to 4 weeks. The medication may be offered in a secondary packagingcontaining multiple doses that can be stored in the fridge for 1 to 6 months for instance. Patients may find it difficult to track the dosing times.

In accordance with an embodiment, a packaging assembly is provided in accordance with the claims.

These and other aspects are obvious from the embodiments described hereinafter.

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